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SSLs & Why You Need One

It’s 2018 and the internet isn’t going anywhere – that means hackers aren’t going anywhere either! So what can an SSL do to help you? What is an SSL? SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a level of security between your website files (your website) and the website browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet… Read More

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a constantly changing and evolving world and, what worked yesterday will not necessarily work today. In the beginning, businesses would create a social media account and let it sit there while the Likes and Followers rolled in. They could forget about it and, like a well-mannered cat, it would take care of… Read More

Responsive Websites: Landing Pages

If your website was built before the year 2015, you may have noticed that it doesn’t always adapt well to differing sized screens. How does it look on your phone? If there is a lot of pinching and zooming then there is a good chance that it was either designed to display correctly on a… Read More

Branding that Sets you Apart

If you visited your website today, would you be able to confidently say it accurately and effectively tells the story of what you do and who you are? Would an existing patient feel a sense of recognition and connection to the positive experiences they have had with you? Is your social media presence an engaging… Read More

Remain Relevant With Remarketing

You’ve probably seen this type of ad whether you were aware of it or not. Perhaps you were wistfully perusing an online travel company’s website looking for a nice relaxing trip to someplace warm. Perhaps a cruise, where your boat-shoes and Hawaiian shirt would set a relaxing tone. And now, a couple days later, as… Read More