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Social media is a constantly changing and evolving world and, what worked yesterday will not necessarily work today. In the beginning, businesses would create a social media account and let it sit there while the Likes and Followers rolled in. They could forget about it and, like a well-mannered cat, it would take care of itself. However, as most cat owners learn, that type of passive strategy doesn’t work for long. Times have changed and now that your social media presence impacts your Google ranking and search engine optimization, it’s even more important than ever before to properly utilize the avenues available to you.

social media dental advertising

Before we dive into the advertising options available for social media, we need to address the current state of your social media: Is it updated frequently? Does it contain a good mix of relevant educational material regarding procedures you specialize in mixed with fun posts showing your staff’s team-building exercises? We’ve asked this before, but maybe we should revisit the question: If you visited your practice’s Facebook page today, would you be able to confidently say it tells the story of what you do and who you are? Would patients be motivated to share a link to your Facebook page with a family member or a friend? What would a prospective patient looking for a new dentist discover about you through your social media identity?

With the rise of social media in the business realm, many businesses are now clamoring for attention. With so many creating conversations and content, you need to create a reason for people to want to Like and Follow you. Not only do you need to stand out and provide something your audience wouldn’t have been able to have access to otherwise but you also need to make it engaging.

To truly excel in social media you will need to provide a variety of content that is both interesting and locally relevant to your practice. This takes careful planning and time, as well as a financial commitment either in the hiring of an outside company or through the labor of your own staff.
All that has been accomplished? Great! You have an active social media presence, engaging posts that are both personal and relevant to your brand and you are updating your social media presence frequently and consistently. Now what?

Well-l, here at ProDental Multimedia we can offer several avenues for you to stroll down to increase the traffic to your social media sites and help strengthen brand awareness.

Facebook Timeline Ads

Facebook timeline ads are highly targeted and highly trackable without spending a lot out-of-pocket on internet advertising budget. ProDental Multimedia can demographically target these ads to your desired audience so they are hitting the right age group, right location, etc. These ads – when run adjacent with engaging, recurring posts on your Facebook profile – keep users engaged, showcases your personality as a practice, and are essentially the foundation to building a positive relationship with your new patients.

Facebook Targeted Likes Ads

These ads are designed to increase your following on Facebook by building up your page Likes. You have probably seen these types in your feed already. A post with a bit of information about the business or product with a prominent Like button in the bottom corner. The more of your patients or potential patients that Like this, the more followers you have. And as your page likes increase, your organic reach for your regular posting increases. It builds engagement with a larger and larger audience all the while increasing your brand awareness.

Facebook Remargeting Ads

These are similar to the remarketing ads we had discussed previously. They are designed to re-engage potential patients who have been to your website and weren’t quite ready to commit to booking an appointment. Like remarketing ads, ProDental Multimedia will place a pixel code on your website. When a potential patient, who has visited your website, decides to bounce off to peruse their friends most recent Facebook posts will see your display ads in their website design

We have been doing social media for some time now, and throughout the years have come up with interesting campaigns and tactics to jumpstart your social presence and create buzz. Have questions about building better brand awareness? Not sure about how to get the most out of your patient’s social media experience? ProDental Multimedia can help you. Contact us today!