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Dental Paid Search

Paid Search for dentists is an excellent way to make sure your dental practice is found where your customers are looking the moment they need you. By targeting potential customers actively looking for products and services you offer, to highly targeted ads geared towards potential customers in your demographic as they browse the web, Paid Search offers affordable, highly customizable, trackable, data-driven Lead Generation and Branding campaigns.

Our campaigns are built with best practices by a Google Certified individual. Our Google Premier Partnership status also enables us to regularly consult with Google to build the best possible campaigns for your needs.

ProDental, A Google Premier Partner


Different Paid Advertising Methods:

Search Network – (Lead Generation):

Also known as Search Engine Marketing, the Search Network can show ads on Google, Bing and other major search engines. This is typically the most effective lead generator because it targets users as they search for a product or service in the moment with highly relevant, high quality text ads. This type of campaign works by selecting high quality keywords that load highly relevant, compelling ads. Geo-targeting is completely customizable & ads can be expanded with locations, phone number, website links, call outs and more when they appear in the top 3 positions. Cost is charged as Cost-Per-Click and is determined by competitor bids & campaign quality.

Display Network – (Branding):

The Display Network is a combination of Image and Text ads that appear across the web, managed via Google AdWords. When done correctly, the Display Network is best used as a highly effective, affordable branding campaign. Targeting can be set by location, age, gender, parental status, keywords on page, website category, individual websites (like local news) and more. Cost can be charged by Cost-Per-Click or Cost-Per-1000-Impressions.

Facebook Timeline Ads – (Branding):

Facebook ads work similar to the Google Display campaign (above) in that you can connect with potential customers via highly targeted image ads. These ads have the benefit of taking prominent positions within the Newsfeed, alongside posts from friends & liked pages, and offer a wide variety of targeting options.

Pre-Roll Video – (Branding):

Pre-Roll video ads are commercials that appear prior to a selected YouTube video. Advertising is not restricted to youtube.com however, and ads can appear wherever a YouTube video or partner video player is embedded. Targeting is similar to the Display Network (location, age, gender, parental status, keywords on page, website category, individual websites, etc.). Video ads are best used for branding or promoting special events. Cost is charged by Cost-Per-View. Depending on the video length, if a video is skipped before a certain time, there is no charge.

Yahoo!/Bing Search Network:

The Yahoo! and Bing Search Network is collectively known as Microsoft AdCenter. The campaigns function exactly as they would on the AdWords Search Network, where we choose high quality keyword lists and pair them with compelling text ads.

Remarketing & Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing works by applying a snippet of code to your website. This code allows a remarketing tool to track the actions a user takes on your site and allows us to serve them targeted, timely image ads. This is a great tool for re-engaging people who have shown an interest in your services and serving them highly relevant ads over time. This acts as a great, highly cost effective branding and reminder tool. Cost is charged as Cost-Per-1000-Impressions.

“Facebook Remarketing works exactly like Remarketing above, but the Ads are shown on the Facebook news feed.”

Custom Responsive Landing Page

ProDental will design a custom, Paid Search specific landing page to be used to compliment your Dental Paid Search campaigns. When an ad directs a user to your main website, the user can often get overwhelmed by the amount of options and may result in a website bounce. It also becomes difficult to track leads from paid search with this method – making it difficult to determine your Paid Search ROI. Our Custom Landing pages are designed with a hyper-focused user experience in mind, aiming to accomplish the goal of converting ad-clickers into leads, improving user experience and helping more accurately measure ROI. Paid Search Landing pages also often increase a campaigns Quality Score, which can improve performance and lower costs over time.

Why choose ProDental to manage your Dental Paid Search Campaigns

The ProDental approach is different than typical “big box” paid search companies for 3 main reasons:

1. We use landing pages to track and convert leads. We do not call clicks, leads. An actionable interest event, like a form completion or phone call is tracked as leads. Landing pages also enable remarketing for medical practices where remarketing has been banned on medical website homepages.

2. We have 100% transparency. The costs and data are 100% from the Google, Bing or AdRoll systems and are not manipulated in any fashion for commission.

3. We have human, Google AdWords specialists, who are certified by Google, making the changes not automated software. ProDental is a certified Google Premier Partner.



  •  Maintain and Manage the Account with the Goal to Constantly Improve
  •  Regular Campaign Analysis
  •  Phone and Email Support
  •  Paid Search Consultation with Google (if requested)
  •  Ad Copy, Keyword List and Creative development
  •  Lead Storage and Tracking
  •  Campaign Reporting
  •  Landing Page Tracking Phone Numbers